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What I Ate Wednesday #268: Mindful Monday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? I am loving the nice weather we’re having in NYC this week. On Monday morning, I celebrated the end of a long string of clinical days by taking a Monday-morning walk in the park. Though I take walks on my own all the time, having company on this one was a great change of pace and really helped me unwind. It’s hard to get out of my own head sometimes, and what would otherwise be a meditative walk turns into a to-do list hamster wheel. When I got home this time, though, I actually felt restored and ready to approach the day in a peaceful, productive manner. Maybe I should get outside more often in the morning.

Central Park morning

I’ve been doing this online program, Leadfully, which sends me daily prompts, challenges, and tips to help me “activate” my “authentic leadership style.” Sounds like boardroom speak maybe, but I’m finding it super helpful to integrate little mindfulness practices into my day.

With that in mind, for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I’m sharing a peak at a Mindful Monday (F*** me, I love alliteration). Here’s the food stuff from the day.  Read More »

From Take-Out to Homemade

Good morning! Today I’ve got a guest post to share with you guys that I think you’ll love. A topic that comes up very often with clients and patients is sugar. Our country’s food culture does not make it easy to be moderate with our intake, and it can be really challenging to find a balance.

I recently spoke with Self about sugar allergies/intolerance. As a dietitian committed to providing evidence-based recommendations, I feel I have to be extremely careful when it comes to terminology. I may not be comfortable using the word “allergy” when discussing sugar, but I definitely believe that it’s a powerful substance that can have serious and harmful effects. You don’t have to have diabetes to look at sugar as a potentially poisonous thing, but different people may draw the line in different places. For some, the effect is so strong they need to cut sugar out of their life completely, same as someone with an allergy (in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics sense of the word) would.  I support taking an approach that feels like the right fit for your body and your mind.

Today, I’m sharing an inspiring guest post by Rochelle Rickoff Wilensky about how making drastic dietary changes helped open up a whole new world of flavors and approaches to cooking. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!

cute tiny eggplant

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Choco-Berry Smoothie with Healthy Skoop Protein

Smoothie weather has finally returned to the Northeast. Even though I’m usually an oatmeal devotee when it comes to breakfast, in the warmer months, I certainly appreciate a smoothie in the morning. It’s especially refreshing after a sweaty morning workout. Way to sound like a healthy living/nutritionist cliche, I know, but cliched for a reason—it’s delicious and satisfying.

To make my smoothies filling enough to get me from breakfast to lunch, I make sure to incorporate some protein and make sure I have some high-fiber greens in there plus a little fruit. Healthy Skoop is a plant-based protein powder that helps turn your smoothie into a balanced meal. I recently had a chance to sample their chocolate flavor and loved it.

Healthy Skoop front

I love that this is nut-free and uses hemp protein, brown rice protein, and pea protein. The texture is smooth and fluffy and not in the least bit gritty. It’s also packed with food-based ingredients to provide balanced mix of vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Skoop nutrition

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Fiddleheads with Mushrooms

Happy Friday! Hope you’re looking forward to a lovely weekend. Can you believe that next weekend is Memorial Day already? Yikes! But let’s savor the present. I say this as much for my benefit as anyone else’s. I have a tendency to always be looking ahead to the next thing. The here and no is totally worth savoring, though.

Case in point: Fiddlehead ferns are one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” seasonal veggies that’s totally worth jumping for if you spot it at the market. Fiddleheads are the fronds of a young fern (sounds fancy, huh?) and harvested in spring before the fern matures and the fronds unfurl. With a taste and texture similar to asparagus, these little guys also pack in a decent amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and magnesium. You just want to make sure you clean them really well before cooking.

I will admit, they can be a little pricey, but when I saw them available on Farmigo a few weeks ago, I treated myself to an order. It was a great spring side dish to help me enjoy the season before I get going on all that “summer is coming” talk. Besides, summer is always coming. So is Christmas.

fiddleheads and mushrooms

Ingredients: Read More »

Thinking Out Loud: Mid-Year Resolutions

Happy Thursday! Hope you’re having a great week! Can you believe we’re already into the second half of May? That means we’re almost at the halfway mark of 2016.

As I look ahead to a busy summer, I’d love to bring on a few guest-posters. If you’re interested in writing a post for Keeping It Real Food, shoot me an email at info(at)jessicacordingnutrition(dot)com.

Central Park

With one foot in the second half of the year and one in the half we’re about to move on from, this is a great time of year to take stock and check in with yourself  about your New Year’s resolutions—if you made any, that is. What’s working? What not? Are these things still important to you? Have other things become more important? Remember, it’s okay to change your mind and tweak your goals as you go.  Read More »

What I Ate Wednesday #267

Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? After a wedding this past weekend, I spent Sunday recovering via catnaps and yoga and spending a little time playing pretend tourist in Central Park when the sun came out for a bit in the afternoon.  I’ve had a few days to catch up on some writing projects early this week but will be doing hospital coverage the rest of this week and weekend. I swear, this constantly changing per diem schedule is either aging me prematurely or keeping me young by always having me juggling a lot and shifting gears. I’ve been reading Arianna Huffington’s Thrive recently. Since turning 30, I’ve been really focused on making space to have, like, an actual life. It’s a process, and a lot of it involves finding out all the things I’m doing that are not helping. Noting the days where I totally fail at work-life balance can show me a lot about where and how I can make changes.

I thought that this week I’d share last Wednesday’s eats—an actual Wednesday on WIAW. On this particular marathon Wednesday, I did floor coverage in the morning and then went to clinic before spending the evening on some client meal plans. I don’t advise anyone to work 12-hour days, but sometimes it happens. Making sure I have good food and taking the time to have a homemade, calm dinner helped offset the crazy a little. Here’s what I ate to get me through.

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Healthy Avocado Snack

Good morning! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite stupid-easy healthy snacks. Aside from being delicious, it also happens to be vegan and Paleo-friendly. A perfectly ripe avocado is one of life’s great yet simple pleasures.

Rich in filling fiber, heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, and potassium, this recipe (if you can call it that) takes all of 5 minutes to prepare and makes a great after-work snack or even a rushed breakfast. All for under 200 calories. Enjoy!

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Easy Meal Idea: Burger Salad

Calling this a recipe almost feels like a cop-out, but I’ve been so obsessed with this lately I just had to share. With Memorial Day just a few weeks away (um, how did this happen?), barbecue season is almost upon us. What better time to talk about burgers?

burgerBurgers are one of those classic American foods. I’ve certainly posted my fair share of veggies burgers, turkey burgers, and even beef burgers (after realizing I don’t actually hate the taste as much as I used to) on here over the years. Typically, we think of burgers as something you eat with a bun or that is somehow incomplete without one.

Well, today, I’m calling bulls*** on that notion.

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Easy Kefir Smoothies

Since I was talking about smoothies earlier this week, why not continue the trend? I’ve been meaning to share this quick and easy recipes a while. Usually I use coconut water, coconut milk, or cold coffee as the liquid base for smoothies, but another favorite is kefir.

No matter how you pronounce it, kefir deserves a place in your fridge. This drinkable yogurt is a rich source of calcium, protein, and probiotic bacteria. One 8-ounce serving of low-fat kefir provides about 110 calories, 11 grams protein, and 30% of your daily calcium needs. It also happens to be almost completely lactose-free, so people who have a hard time digesting other dairy products may find they’re able to tolerate this one. As with, well, almost anything, I’d recommend purchasing an unsweetened, unflavored variety to save yourself a bunch of sugar-based empty calories and have fun adding your own flavors.

kefir banana chocolate smoothieHere are two kefir smoothie recipes I love. Simply layer these ingredients in your blender and blend away… Read More »

Chia Warrior Giveaway Winner

Happy Thursday! Hope you’re having a great week. Thanks to everyone who entered the Chia Warrior giveaway.

chia warrior bar

Our randomly-selected winner is Michelle @ Lively Chicken.

Congrats! Send your contact information and mailing address to info(at)jessicacordingnutrition(dot)com and I’ll get that sent out to you.

I’ve been busy recently. So what else is new? I know, I know. Still. Thank god for food prep. I totally rely on this for breakfast and lunch. Here’s a little breakfast assembly line of chocolate zucchini bread oatmeal from the other day.

oatmeal meal prep

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was doing some non-food writing just to mix things up. A few tidbits you might enjoy:

*My recent post on HelloGiggles about how keeping a spreadsheet of everything I buy changed my spending habits—and my life. I actually found myself relying on the spreadsheet habit a lot earlier this week when I was feeling the urge to go shopping even though I have a few big purchases I’m saving up for (continuing education, travel for another continuing education thing) and really don’t need another sundress it’s not warm enough for. Pausing to check in with myself showed me that, actually, I was just feeling guilty about having to miss Mother’s Day because of work (so many people talking about going shopping with their mamas made me want to cry) and wishing for a break from working too hard for too many days and wanting a reward. Instead of buying stuff, I called my mom to chat and also made happy hour plans for Tuesday and reached out to some friends.

Suffering from allergies this season? Me too. You might enjoy this piece I wrote for New York Spirit about Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to a healthy spring.

Do you prep meals to save time later in the week? Do you ever go shopping when you’re feeling emotional?  

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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