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Salad as a Meal

Many of you know about my love of salads—there are so many ways to create satisfying, nutrient-dense varieties, it’s hard to get sick of them. Recently, I reviewed Patricia Wells’ new cookbook, Salad as a Meal: Healthy Main-Dish Salads for Every Season, for Organic Wine Journal. You can read the review here. I’m especially excited to try her “Provence on a Plate,” which consists of eggplant, tomatoes, goat cheese, and tapenade.

What are some of your favorite salads? 

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  1. I love salads for the same reason! The possibilities are endless :) Lately I’m just obsessed with chopping up random veggies, adding greens and some dill and mixing with hummus. It turns into kind of a mush pile, but it’s so good!

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