Coffee Drinks, Demystified

I didn't up coffee either.
I didn’t up coffee either.

Yesterday on Facebook, one of my friends, a Starbucks barista, mused that a certain Starbucks beverage was less a drink and more a “sociological classification.” I spent way too much of my day thinking about coffee-based stereotypes one might make—and ones that I’ve made, which of course led to “What does my drink say about me?!” However, if you’re still not sure the difference between a cappuccino and a macchiato (and wtf is a cortado?), Glamour just ran this great slide show to set that confusion to rest.

There are many differing opinions on coffee, but as you’ve probably gathered, I’m a fan. Though I don’t advocate copious amounts, a little goes a long way—just make sure it’s something you truly enjoy so you’ll be satisfied with less than, say, a quart.

One exception: sugary drinks with lots of syrup, whipped cream, and the like—just not a great habit to get into. A caffeine rush plus a sugar crash is not the best way to get through the 3 pm slump, trust me! If you absolutely need a jolt to get you through, keep it simple and small, and remember to hydrate throughout the day, as caffeine, a natural diuretic, can be dehydrating.

If sweet coffee bar drinks are your thing, try gradually scaling back by asking for just one pump of syrup. After a few weeks, try going without. If you hate it, go back to the single pump of syrup and then revisit again the next week. Or just try a new drink that doesn’t automatically have sugar and sweeten to taste gradually adding less and less. If I’m getting something other than black (I love it dark and bitter—this probably says way too much about me), my go-to is usually either a cappuccino or a macchiato.

I just realized I posted two anti-sugar posts two days in a row! I must be having Easter display fatigue. It’s the pastel colors—exhausting, I tell ya! This photo is an exception. Signs of life near Penn Station! Easter Display

Are you a coffee drinker? What’s your favorite coffee drink? 

2 thoughts on “Coffee Drinks, Demystified

  1. Yeah I agree. I think putting sugar in coffee is dangerous for me, because I’ve noticed I build a tolerance to it very quickly. First it’s one packet. Then 2, then 3. Same thing goes with Stevia or any other sweetener. I had to scale back packet by packet which was extreeeemely hard to do. Now, I have no sugar period. My taste buds acclimated.

    1. I had the same experience with stevia/splenda/etc—I noticed that when I stopped eating/drinking those, I lost my sweet tooth. It kind of freaked me out at the time because it made me feel like the sugar substitutes had been messing with my brain chemicals/taste buds.

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