WIAW #307: Time Travel

All this writing about tacos and past lives this week has me feeling a touch retrospective. That’s why I though that, for this week’s food dairy link-up, I’d take a trip in the way-back machine to 2013, when I was fresh out of grad school and working an exhausting clinical job where my office was so cold, I kept an unironic Snuggie handy so I could stay warm while I wrote my notes. 

Here’s what was on the menu one week:

  • Breakfast: (unpictured) roasted fig before the gym; zucchini bread oatmeal w/ coconut PB at my desk
  • Lunch: A kind of weak salad that I tried to save with hummus; an unpictured orange a little while later
  • Snack: Kefir with berries and cereal
  • Dinner: Coriander-crusted yellowfin tuna with stir-fry veggies and rice in a miso-wasabi sauce; a glass of dry rose. Lovely. Josie’s never disappoints. (2017 me: I wish I could remember who I was with!)
  • Snack: Some of Saturday’s banana bread, warmed up and topped with nonfat ricotta

Breakfast usually looked something like this:

sleepily spilling coffee on my breakfast—again


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Dinner on a Dime: Broccoli Cheddar Baked Potato Soup

Today I’m teaming up with the Recipe Redux to bring you a healthy, budget-friendly dinner recipe. This month’s theme is budget-friendly meals that cost less than $3 per serving.


I wouldn’t say that I hate the holidays, but I’m always relieved to get into the swing of things come January.

As Merry As I Get

There’s lots to be said for the clean slate a new calendar year offers. I love the enthusiasm of people who hit the ground with good intentions and start putting their plans into action (or even just moving from the contemplation stage into planning). I hate the word “detox,” but I do love the notion of cleaning up the act and getting real with yourself.

Financial goals are something I enjoy nerding out on post-holidays. Growing up, I had a reputation for being “artsy,” but I was a secret math-lover. There’s something comforting in numbers and being able to plan out a budget. As a sagittarius, I freaking hate mystery and the unknown (fear of the unknown is what keeps me up at night) and just want to  know what I’m working with. Yes, I’m one of those those people who keeps a spreadsheet of everything I buy and loves accounting software. So in January, with the holiday spending craze finally over, I get a lot of out taking stock of my wants and needs and figure out how to make it happen in the coming year.

I was all over this month’s Recipe Redux theme of budget-friendly meals. I had a lot of fun brainstorming low-cost meals that delivered big on flavor and nutrition.  Continue reading “Dinner on a Dime: Broccoli Cheddar Baked Potato Soup”

Greenery and Green Foods for New Years

On January 1st, I like to kick off the new year by enjoying foods and activities that align with how I want to feel in the coming 12 months. Today, that includes yoga, and plenty of green foods, especially because the color green represents wealth—whether that relates to your health, relationship, to money, to career, to creativity, to an abundance of  opportunities is up to you.



I’m changing things up from my usual New Years resolution routine and focusing on a word this year instead of a “must-do” list. For me, that word is: Live.

As in, continue to build the life I want and give myself space to live in it.

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Gluten-Free Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Noodle Soup

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, however you spent it! I’ve got a recipe today that’s perfect for repurposing leftover turkey. This soup also features Banza chickpea shells, a gluten-free pasta made from chickpeas. When Banza reached out to me about their bean-based pastas, I couldn’t wait to try it out in some of my favorite recipes.

Soup was one of the first things I thought of. I’m actually 80—I just look really good for my age.

Banza chickpea shell chicken soup

This soup is so easy to make—perfect cold-weather comfort food when you don’t want to fuss. Though this recipe calls for leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, it’s a no-brainer for chicken as well. It also happens to be packed with fiber and provides a protein boost thanks to the chickpea-based shells. It’s gluten-free to boot, so you can share it with any of your loved ones who need to be on a gluten-free diet.

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What I Ate Wednesday #290: Recipe Testing Day

Good morning! For last week’s What I Ate Wednesday link-up, I gave a look at what my Mondays look like, when I’m doing corporate wellness work at out of the house basically all day. I thought it would be fun to share a look at what I eat on a day when I’m working from home and testing recipes.

This particular day, I woke up at grandma o’clock as usual and got in a workout. After getting ready, I made breakfast and did my morning journal check-in. Sounds cheesy, but it really helps me prioritize in the morning.

Breakfast: I enjoyed a nice cream breakfast sundae—aka smoothie bowl. Using less liquid gives it a richer texture that’s more like ice cream than a shake. Love it. I added a tablespoon of seeds and about 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil on top. I’ve been enjoying this Vitacost vanilla pea protein powder.

nice cream smoothie bowl with seeds

Lunch: Throughout the morning, I made a chicken soup using Banza chickpea shells, so I had a bowl of that plus a side salad for lunch.

Banza chickpea shell chicken soup

Snack: A bite of this recipe I was testing; later, after yoga I had some plain Greek yogurt with another piece and a spoonful of peanut butter

grain free blueberry coconut cake

Dinner: After a lot of working, I started to get hungry, so I threw a bunch of leftover veggies in a bowl and called it dinner. For protein, I added a cooked lamb sausage—random, but did the trick.

spaghetti squash root veggie bowl

Snack: An apple, chopped and tossed with pumpkin pie spice and then microwaved a minute to soften. Great with a teaspoon of peanut butter on top!

Do you eat differently depending on you schedule? 
To see more WIAW, check out founder Jenn’s blog Peas & Crayons or visit hosts Laura and Arman‘s blogs.

What I Ate Wednesday #289: Day in the Life

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. 

Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Hope you’re having a great week so far. For today’s edition of the weekly “What I Ate” link party, I’m taking a cue from a recent assignment and sharing a glimpse of my schedule at a day in the life of a registered dietitian. One of the things I love about my field is that you can do so many things as a dietitian and in many different settings: clinical, community, education, corporate, culinary…the list goes on and on.

For me, I wear a lot of hats and do a mix, depending on what day of the week it is. For example, Wednesdays are my day at the ALS clinic. Mondays and Thursdays (and sometimes Tuesdays) are corporate wellness days. I usually set Fridays aside for private clients as well as recipe and writing projects unless I cover a shift at the hospital or do a one-off corporate event or public speaking engagement. Weekends are usually used to catch up on projects and schoolwork (and life), but sometimes I fill in at the hospital.

So yeah. The freelancer/private practice/per diem lifestyle certainly requires a lot of organization and planning, but I’m happy with the big picture. Most of the time is hardly feels like work at all!

Anyway, here’s a look at a typical Monday for me. I’m a little nervous to share because now you’ll know what a total grandma I am, but hey. Whatever works. Some days are more grandma-ish than others, but Mondays are the ultimate in early-to-bed, early-to-rise-ness  Continue reading “What I Ate Wednesday #289: Day in the Life”

Roasted Apple and Kabocha Soup

Seeing as today is my sister’s birthday (happy birthday!!!), I wanted to post a recipe we made together a few weekends ago when we went apple picking. It was a gorgeous September Saturday morning,  and we came home with a big haul of apples.

apple picking

We decided to make one sweet and one savory dish that afternoon when we got back.  This soup, which features roasted apples, was inspired by a soup I made last fall. We changed it up a bit by using kabocha squash instead of butternut and cannelini beans instead of lentils. We also added some turkey sausage from the farmer’s market along with fresh rosemary. I hope you enjoy it!  Continue reading “Roasted Apple and Kabocha Soup”

Easy Fall Side: Roasted Kabocha

kabocha soup
kabocha soup

First things first: I want to wish a very happy birthday to my dad! I won’t tell anybody how old you are, don’t worry ; )

I’m looking forward to a family birthday dinner later in the weekend to celebrate a few special days coming up. We’ve got quite a few fall birthdays in my family. My dad, my sister, my grandfather, one of my cousins, me…Did you ever notice how that seems to happen in families?

Well hey, the food at fall celebrations is usually the best. At least I like to think so. Love pumpkin but looking for something new? You might love kabocha squash. Sometimes called a Japanese pumpkin, kabocha is a winter squash that boasts the same bright orange color but with a slightly sweeter flavor and starchier texture than your standard Halloween pumpkin. As I’ve said before, I like to think of kabocha as pumpkin’s sweet yet sassy little cousin. The Hip One at the (adult) Kids’ Table. Continue reading “Easy Fall Side: Roasted Kabocha”

What I Ate Wednesday #286: Basic Fall

Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Hope you’re having a great day. My sister told me about a funny thing she saw on the internet the other day. Something like, “If you look in the mirror and say ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ three times, a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you all the things she loves about fall.” That gave me a laugh because, well, yeah.

This week’s installment of this blog link-up marks the first of fall 2016, so I’m going to share some snaps from this past weekend, which had all the wonderfully basic hallmarks of fall happiness: apple picking, hot coffee, baking pie, and even some yoga pants, cute dogs, and sushi thrown in for good measure. The only thing missing was a pumpkin spice latte.

Friday night I took a bus out to the burbs and went out for all-you-can-eat sushi with my sister, her boyfriend, and his brother.

sushi x
We brought a bottle of wine with us, which we enjoyed in these…goblets.

wine goblets

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Hearty Chickpea and Sausage Soup

I’m one of those people who loves fall. Totally unapologetic about it. Summer is great, but there’s something I just love about the crisp Autumn air and renewed get-to-work energy. I also love foods and flavors associated with fall. Bring on the root veggies. Soup is one of my favorite cool-weather foods, and I have fun coming up with different variations.

Noticing a change in the types of foods we want and feel like we need is totally normal as we cycle through the seasons. When our surroundings change (light, temperature, temperament), it makes sense that, in order to stay in balance, we would need to alter what we’re eating. I find that this time of year, for example, I start to crave meat a little bit more often than I do in the summer. I think it has a bit to do with changes in energy levels, given the decreased daylight. Since I feel like food cravings are the body’s way of telling us what it needs, I find ways to incorporate some but in small quantities in order to avoid overdoing it.

Soup is an awesome way to combine the plant protein found in beans, peas, or lentils with a bit of animal protein for a delicious flavor and satisfying balance of nutrients. A spice that I didn’t really get into until the last couple years is paprika, a bright red powder that’s made from grinding sweet red peppers. In this recipe, I used it with chickpeas, kale, and andouille sausage, which is traditionally made from pork and contains garlic, chili powder, cumin, and (yep) paprika. The end result? A slightly spicy, smoky soup that’s perfect for those first days of fall.

chickpea andouille sausage soup

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